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Resolution by the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus

"On Actions to Restore Independence and Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus"

Pursuant to the statement dated 22.09.2022, the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus resolves that:

1. The Representative for the Restoration of Law and Order shall report to the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus on the readiness and timelines for the implementation of the Peramoga mobilization plan.

2. The Representative for Defense and National Security shall present to the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus a plan for organizational, informational and logistical support for Belarusian military volunteers, including those in Ukraine.

3. The Representative for the Transit of Power, in order to further implement the Peramoga plan, shall prepare and send instructions to public servants who have declared their readiness to support democratic changes in Belarus, and submit for consideration and approval by the Cabinet a draft regulation on the assignment of military and special ranks in Belarus.

4. The Representative for Foreign Affairs shall present a plan of action to ensure practical steps by the international community in support of the actions of the United Transitional Cabinet of Belarus to protect the independence, territorial integrity and restore the sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus.

5. The Representative for Foreign Affairs, together with the Representative for the Transit of Power, shall prepare proposals on the revision of the contractual and legal framework for relations between the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation.

6. Representatives shall ensure the implementation of paragraphs 1−5 by 5 October 2022.