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Universal jurisdiction against the Lukashenko’s regime

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The National Anti-Crisis Management continues to seek criminal prosecution of the regime punishers

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It has been two years since Belarusian civil society unmasked Lukashenko’s deceitful regime and faced unprecedented brutality and massive repression on a colossal scale.

During this time, the punishers of the regime made about fifty thousand arrests and detentions. According to the "Viasna" Human Rights Center, as of June 14, 2020, 1,231 people have been recognized as political prisoners. Unfortunately, during this time there were no human casualties. And we will never forget the names of the heroes who fought for our freedom. We just don’t have the right to give up and turn the page.

It is a long and hard road to a free Belarus, but we believe and know that justice will prevail. And these are not big words. This is what we live and work on every day.

For more than a year and a half, we have supported the idea of ​​bringing to justice those responsible for crimes against humanity. To date, our activities in this direction have been formed into a separate project and have become systematic.

The National Anti-Crisis Management brought together professional lawyers, as well as highly qualified specialists in the field of media communications, to demonstrate the legal mechanisms by which it is possible to ensure justice for citizens of our country who are in forced emigration.
Our team collects information about the national legislation of individual states where victims of violence live, works directly with victims, analyzes evidence, searches for a lawyer in the country of residence of these victims, covers the costs associated with filing a complaint with the prosecutor’s office, and much more.

We are looking for victims who want to take the opportunity to bring their abusers to justice using the mechanisms of universal jurisdiction. Victims will not have to pay for lawyers or translation of documents. All you need is the willingness to spend several hours of your time talking with a lawyer and signing an official statement. The basis for the prosecution will be the convention against torture, which allows criminal proceedings to be initiated in any country that has signed it. It is in our power to bring to justice and put on the international wanted list the organizers of torture — whose names are already well known to us.

The international search is not sanctions that can be lifted at any time. An international manhunt cannot be lifted until the suspect is arrested, goes through a public trial, and has served his sentence. An example is the fact that the US Attorney’s Office has already opened a criminal case and filed charges against the people responsible for the Boeing hijacking. These people will be wanted all over the world until they are arrested.

These heinous crimes have no statute of limitations. And our task, among other things, is to make sure that everyone who has stained their hands with the blood of peaceful Belarusians remembers the inevitability of retribution. Responsibility is inevitable. And it is still unknown what is worse: arrest, trial and sentence — or a miserable existence on the run for the rest of your life.

To participate in the project, our feedback bot can be contacted by people who were subjected to torture in Belarus and currently live in the territory of one of the countries that signed the convention against torture. The NAM guarantees complete confidentiality of the received information. Protecting Belarusians and, in the end, achieving justice is a matter of principle for our team. And we will continue to make all the necessary efforts for this.

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