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Punish Putin’s Puppet

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The whole world must see and understand: Lukashenko is Putin’s puppet. Both dictators and their accomplices must be punished for their crimes

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#PunishPutinsPuppet brings together all projects to hold Lukashenko and his puppet regime accountable for crimes against the peoples of Belarus and Ukraine.

The launch of the large-scale #PunishPutinsPuppet public awareness campaign was first announced by Pavel Latushka, head of the National Anti-Crisis Management, when the NAM team established interaction with the offices of two former British prime ministers from different parties, Gordon Brown and Sir John Major, initiating a process by which Putin could be held accountable for war crimes. At the same time, joint work began on preparing a firm legal basis that would bring Lukashenko to the dock of an international tribunal.

Why does the West remain silent?

Turn on the TV or radio anywhere in the world now, go on the internet to find out who is making the news and what, and everywhere the name Putin will be heard. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the whole world has rightly condemned the Kremlin, for it is Putin who is giving the orders to fire rockets into Ukrainian cities, seeking to bend the proud sovereign nation to his will.

But why is the West silent about Lukashenko? After all, it is obvious that without the possibility of free entry to the territory of Belarus and without such a bridgehead, Russian troops would not be able to invade Ukraine by the most convenient route to Kiev, nor would they be able to strike the center of Ukraine with aircraft and missiles from the shortest possible distance.

The NAM team is working colossally both legally and in the information field to make the world community realize: to stop and punish Putin, it is equally necessary to pressure and bring to justice the puppet Lukashenko regime — co-aggressor, accomplice to all crimes against the peoples of Belarus and Ukraine, partner in sanctions circumvention, accomplice in deliberately creating a migrant crisis on the Belarus-EU border.

There are important steps that the present heads of governments and relevant international organizations can and should take, if they are really serious about doing what is necessary to not only end this terrible war, but to permanently destroy the dictatorships of Putin and Lukashenko and preserve the sovereignty of Belarus and Ukraine:

Official recognition of Belarus as temporarily occupied territory

As a result of the widespread international recognition of the fact of occupation of Belarus by the Russian Federation, it will be possible to effectively promote issues of principle such as:
  • preserving the territorial integrity and independence of Belarus, preventing the placement of Russian nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus and creating threats to regional security;
  • depriving the Lukashenko puppet government of international legal personality and suspending Belarus' membership in international organizations — until the occupation has ended and a new government is democratically formed;
  • synchronization of sanctions against Russia and Belarus as an occupied territory, and elimination of opportunities for Russia to circumvent sanctions through Belarus and use the country as an offshore zone;
  • evaluation of any activity by citizens of Belarus to oppose the Lukashenko regime and the Russian occupation as actions carried out as part of a national liberation movement to defend the sovereignty and independence of the country.

To stop the Russian occupation, perpetrated with the connivance of Lukashenko’s puppet government, is to cut off the Kremlin’s oxygen, protect Belarus' sovereignty and independence and ensure security throughout the region.

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Recognition of Lukashenka regime as co-aggressor on Ukraine

The NAM team continues to make every effort and use all its international contacts to ensure that the Lukashenko regime is officially recognised as a military aggressor and an accomplice to genocide in Ukraine on a par with Russia.

This would not only synchronize sanctions against the Lukashenko regime and Russia, but also create the necessary basis under international law for holding war criminals criminally responsible.

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Introduction of effective sanctions

Countries should apply to Lukashenko and Belarus the same sanctions that are currently aimed at Putin and Russia. Personal sanctions, sectoral sanctions, broader economic sanctions.

To date, Lukashenko has effectively become the gauleiter of Putin-occupied Belarus and the owner of a country-sized offshore, which has emerged as a result of the failure to apply sanctions similar to those applied against Russia against Belarus.

By turning a blind eye to the "invisible" Lukashenko, the international community is giving him the opportunity to make money from the war, to help Putin circumvent sanctions through the Belarusian offshore — in effect paying the military aggressor instead of cutting off his access to any external funding altogether.

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Bringing Lukashenko to justice

Since the summer of 2020, the international community has each time been outraged by the cynicism of the Lukashenka regime’s crimes, with the leaders of the world’s leading countries expressing anger and promising action. Then symbolic, non-harmful sanctions followed, and Lukashenka managed to escape accountability.

Long before the first tanks entered Ukraine, more than 40,000 pages of irrefutable evidence of mass repression, torture, wrongful arrests and sentences committed by the regime were submitted to the International Criminal Court in The Hague for review. The NAM team also gathered evidence that would classify Lukashenka as an international terrorist in connection with the hijacking of a Ryanair flight from Greece in May 2021.

Every day the list of the regime’s crimes is growing, the repression and persecution of Belarusian citizens is getting tougher. Moreover, today we state the fact of military co-aggression, and Lukashenka is now responsible for the war crimes committed against the people of Ukraine.

The international community and the mainstream media simply have no right to remain silent about this. The authorities of democratic states must clearly understand and articulate their desire to hold both Putin and Lukashenko and their accomplices accountable for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Only together we can ensure that both dictators end up in the dock.

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Depriving Lukashenko’s puppet government of international legal personality

From being an "illegitimate president", Lukashenko has now turned into the head of the Kremlin’s occupation administration — a puppet government for all intents and purposes.

Yet, formally, despite all the claims of Lukashenko’s "illegitimacy", he and his government are still not unrecognised in the international arena. We can talk about the considerable political and diplomatic isolation of his regime — but we can talk about this for a very long time.

It’s time to act! We need to close down the embassies, to deprive the representatives of the regime of the possibility to "represent" Belarus at the UN, the IMF and other major international organizations. We call on the international community to take real steps towards complete de facto isolation of Lukashenko and his government. The NAU team continues its work (1, 2) to deprive the Lukashenko regime of the right to represent Belarus in the international arena.

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We haven’t stopped fighting. TELL EVERYBODY ABOUT IT!

The dictator has committed and continues to commit crimes under the patronage or with the tacit consent of the Kremlin. His crimes are getting worse and more dangerous. And, nevertheless, it is becoming more and more difficult to focus attention on them in the international arena (especially now, in conditions of war).

But the Belarusians have not forgotten. We cannot and have no right to turn the page while there are thousands of political prisoners in prisons. As long as tens of thousands of people, forced to leave their homeland, live with the hope to return to the free democratic country.

It is extremely important to raise and make visible the topic of Belarus' protest, including through the international media. The whole world should see: we have not stopped fighting. The whole world must understand that Lukashenko is Putin’s puppet. Both dictators and their accomplices will be punished for their crimes.

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