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The NAM: Plan for regional development

Plans of the NAM

Yury Hubarevich presented the plan of the National Anti-Crisis Management for the development of regions of Belarus.

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Current situation in Belarus

In "Lukashenka" Belarus the level of life in regions is falling from year to year. Only big cities can develop and support themselves. Companies are under credit, it is difficult to find a good job, people massively migrate.

Society absolutely does not influence on the formation of local authorities. Local government is almost non-existent. Certain leaders, ideologists and representatives of power structures have been engaged in falsifications and repressions against activists for years. In 2020 this problem has only worsened.

What will the NAM do in the field of regional development to bring the transition period closer

Now it is necessary to collect data on all repression by local authorities. It is necessary to disclose all crimes of officials — including corruption schemes. It is also important to organize control over the work of deputies of all levels.

Self-government development is another key task. We plan to work with local expert communities and activists to decide together how to lift regions out of decline. We also want to start a public discussion on the Reform of the administrative-territorial division of the country.

We want as many people as possible to participate in the life and development of the regions.

The National Anti-Crisis Management will hold a competition "Personnel Reserve" to find replacements for regional officials who participated in political repressions, corruption schemes and have otherwise broken the law.

Priority tasks during the transition period in the field of regional policy

During the transition period, it is important to hold elections to local representative authorities and to self-government authorities, as well as replace heads of executive committees and territorial administrations.

Another direction is the preparation of reforms: local self-government, housing and public utilities and reforms of the administrative-territorial division.

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