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The NAM: Plan for foreign policy

Plans of the NAM

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Situation in Belarus

The National Anti-Crisis Management acknowledges a complete failure of foreign policy in Belarus:

The president lost legitimacy in the eyes of the international community;
Good — neighbourly relationships have been damaged.
The country has lost productive relationships with key foreign partners;
Belarusian image has suffered catastrophic losses on the international arena. The extent of the official Minsk engagement with foreign partners has declined significantly, while the leadership of the country has been sanctioned.
The level of regional security has declined.

What will the NAM do in the area of foreign policy to bring closer the transition period
The National Anti-Crisis Management considers intensification of the external pressure on the illegitimate government of Belarus the main priority aiming to end systemic and widespread human rights violations. To achieve this, the following steps are necessary:
  1. To expand the list for personal sanctions and to strengthen economic sanctions. EU has already implemented two packages of personal sanctions and is expected to expand them in December. US Congress is finalizing their work on the new version of the "Belarus Democracy, Human Rights, and Sovereignty Act of 2020".
  2. To establish an international mechanism for criminal prosecution.
  3. To provide international community with accurate information about the situation in Belarus. A constant exchange of information with neighboring countries and major players on the international stage about the developments in Belarus is taking place on an ongoing basis: including country members of EU, UK, Canada and USA.
  4. To promote international recognition of the national leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and the Coordination Council. At present Coordination Council and Svetlana Tikhanovskaya have been recognized by the EU as the representatives of the Belarusian people. The NAM will continue to support and promote the expansion of this recognition.
  5. To continue financial investigations into assets that have been transferred from Belarus illegally and to confiscate funds with the purpose of transferring them to the new government of Belarus.
  6. To suspend existing and block new international agreements that do not benefit the people of Belarus.

Priorities during the transition period, which will help restore the relationships with other countries and international institutes

  1. To restore constructive neighborly relationships.
  2. To ensure enforcement of all bilateral and multilateral agreements, acknowledging that there is no need to make geopolitical decisions at this stage.
  3. To Re-engage with multilateral credit and financial institutions (IMF, World bank, EBRD, EDB and others). Participating in the process of forming a transition government, the NAM is prepared to help with establishing contacts with EU and the US to ensure the unfreezing of credit and financial cooperation with Belarus. We are also committed to promptly implement the "Marshall plan" for Belarus, developed in collaboration with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya headquarters.
  4. To develop a plan to stabilize the situation in Belarus with participation from Russia and EU. The NAM initiated the development of such strategy and attracts highly qualified experts for this purpose.

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