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The NAM: Plan for the reform of the sports industry

Plans of the NAM

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After August-2020 Vadim Krivosheev refused to repress the national freestyle team of Belarus for the fact that it demanded to stop violence and hold new fair elections almost in its entirety Krivosheev was dismissed from the post of director of the Republican Olympic Training Center "Freestyle" for "bad ideological work".

In the NAM Vadim will be responsible for the sports direction, and Aliaksandra Herasimenia will now fully concentrate on working in the "Belarusian Sport Solidarity Foundation"

"We have worked productively with Pavel Latushka and the NAM team and will continue to work closely: the Foundation will focus on tactical tasks to protect the rights of athletes, and the NAM — on strategic issues. In particular, on sports reform, which will be handled by a real professional Vadim Krivosheev," - said Aliaksandra Herasimenia.

Recent months demonstrate that the managers and employees of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism have stopped dealing with sports issues. Instead, they press and threaten athletes and industry workers who openly express their civil position.

The main directions of the NAM plan for the reform of the sports industry before the transition period:

— protection of the rights of athletes affected by political repression;
— fight against the using of sports to promote the Lukashenka regime;
— interaction with international organizations and federations in various sports to protect the rights and interests of Belarusian athletes;
— formation of a management team from among the best Belarusian sports managers and functionaries.

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