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The world's response to Lukashenka's international terrorism

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The European Union demands the immediate release of Roman Protasevich and Sofia Sapega. The EU is thereby telling the Lukashenka regime of the need to release all political prisoners, all repressed without exception, end the violence, and hold new free elections. Only this will really help to stop the terrorist regime. World leaders also understand this.

For example, US President Joe Biden called for the release of Roman Protasevich and hundreds of other political prisoners in Belarus. He also said that the U.S. will continue to support the Belarusians in their struggle for freedom and democracy.

The EU considers it necessary to investigate the use of the Belarusian Air Force to forcibly land a Ryanair civilian aircraft, which in world practice is an egregious example of endangering the lives and health of citizens of 12 countries worldwide.

The EU has taken a political decision, which will be formalised legally in the near future, to significantly expand the list of those responsible for the reprisals, as well as those responsible for the incident. In addition, economic sanctions measures will also come into effect.

The EU calls for a ban on flights to the European Union by Belarusian airlines. All EU bordering member states are cutting off air links with Belarus, planes of more than 10 carriers are no longer flying over Belarus: some with an official announcement about it, some without yet. Obviously, there will be more and more such news. We must demand that the regime immediately opens the land borders, which the regime itself has closed — ostensibly for protection from COVID-19.

It is not only politicians and airlines that are reacting to international terror, but also the market. The value of Belarusian government bonds has collapsed to the level of August 2020. And this is just the beginning.

The National Anti-Crisis Management urges the international community to act harshly and immediately against the terrorist regime.

But it is important to understand that the release of Roman, Sofia, all political prisoners and an end to all repression is in our hands. We have world leaders, public figures on our side, we are supported by the world press: CNN, BBC, Reuters, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times, El Mundo, The New York Times, and others. We need to prepare for a new active phase of protest.

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