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How did the 1994 Constitution paved the way for the dictatorship in Belarus?

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Explains the lawyer of the NAM Artsiom Praskalovich

Perhaps the main argument of the supporters of the return of the 1994 Constitution is the abolition of the 1996 and 2004 amendments, which strengthened the role of the president and, among other things, removed the limitation on the number of presidential terms. Someone can also rightly note that in this version of the Basic Law the rudiments of parliamentarism were laid, destroyed by the changes introduced.

These arguments are undoubtedly difficult to argue with. But the 1994 Constitution contained a whole set of omissions and shortcomings, which allowed Lukashenka to receive practically unlimited powers and completely seize power in the country.

More about how the 1994 Constitution turned out to be the foundation on which the dictatorial regime in Belarus was built, tells the NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich, a former employee of the Presidential Administration, who has been involved in rulemaking for 12 years.

In particular, in order to prevent the emergence of a dictatorship in Belarus in the future, the authors of the People’s Constitution campaign invite all citizens to join the process of creating a new draft of the Basic Law and seek its submission to a referendum. We will make it impossible for another tyrant to appear.

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