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Belsat: NAM has collapsed the price of Belarusian Eurobonds

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The National Anti-Crisis Management informed Belsat that it were "satisfied with the current results of the campaign" and separately thanked the Belarusians in Denmark, who "did a great job".

"So far, Eurobonds have been sold to other holders, but we believe that soon the debt will be presented to the borrower for early maturity. We want to tell those funds, that saw the possibility of buying Belarusian Eurobonds from those who had decided to sell it within the framework of NAM campaign, that this is not the best decision: it threatens them with financial and reputational losses", — the National Anti-Crisis Management said.

NAM noted that work in this direction continued.

"We do not get tired of explaining to investors who they are giving money to and for what. Another one of our goals is to recognize the illegitimacy of Lukashenko at the level of the International Monetary Fund, so that the regime can no longer finance repressions at the expense of external borrowing", — NAM said.

The Management also continues to fight for the example of Danish investment funds to be followed by other owners of Belarusian Eurobonds and the Norwegian company "Yara", "which continues to believe that it is possible to force Lukashenko’s henchmen not to violate the rights of miners".