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Pavel Latushka launches political party

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Renowned Belarusian statesman offers to drive the pro-democratic transition of Europe’s last dictatorship

WARSAW, POLAND — Today, Pavel Latushka, head of the Belarussian National Anti-Crisis Management, Member of Presidium of Coordination Council announced the intention of establishment of his own political party.

In the video announcement published today across his social media channels, Latushka — one of the guiding spirits behind the countrywide anti-government protests in Belarus following the August 2020 presidential elections — declared his continuous commitment to ensuring the peaceful transfer of power to legitimate political representatives. Choosing to achieve that through no other means but free democratic elections, he decided to lay the foundations for his forthcoming political engagement by establishing a fully-fledged partisan organisation.

Having been actively engaged in Belarus' political life throughout his entire career, as both a career diplomat (former ambassador to France, Poland, Portugal and Spain) and Minister of Culture between 2009 and 2012, Pavel Latushka has now chosen to drive the ultimate pro-democratic transformation of his country. Loyal to the universal principles of freedom, democracy and rule of law, he promises his fellow citizens a new Belarus — one that respects the rights of an individual, prosecutes corruption and opens up its market to foreign investments.

In fact, according to Pavel Latushka, a new Belarus already exists, as "it was created at the time when people took to the streets and began the fight for freedom and democracy". His party’s main objective now will be to advocate for fair and internationally-observed elections, which would ensure a peaceful transfer of power. In order to maintain the momentum, he encouraged his fellow Belarusians to participate in the next nationwide anti-regime demonstrations, scheduled for 9 May — celebrated in both Belarus and Russia as the Victory Day, and as the Europe Day in the whole European Union.