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Why has the NAM scheduled a legal conference on the crimes of the Lukashenka regime in Nuremberg?

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On November 20, 1945, a trial began at the Palace of Justice of the city of Nuremberg. 24 top Nazi leaders appeared before judges from the USSR, USA, Great Britain and France. As a result, 12 of them were sentenced to death, 7 more — to various terms of imprisonment, 3 were acquitted, one committed suicide before the start of the trial, another was declared terminally ill.

The Nuremberg Trials are an important and unprecedented step in the development of international law. For the first time in history, the criminals were made clear: no matter what high positions they occupy, they will still be punished. If not within the framework of the justice of their country, then within the framework of universal jurisdiction.

In Belarus, the criminals of the Lukashenka regime are still using their impunity, and criminal cases are being opened not against the perpetrators, but against the victims. But for more than a year, Belarusians have been collecting evidence of crimes committed during and after the election campaign.

And we are showing more and more insistently and convincingly that it will not be possible to avoid justice. The legal conference in Nuremberg will be an important milestone on the way to restoring justice in Belarus. In Germany, we will summarize the interim results of the international legal impact on the regime, identify weaknesses and adopt an action plan that will help the successful advancement of the case.

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