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How to make the "Stop Petrol" campaign even more effective

The "Drivers 97" have launched a new protest action. They suggest either refusing to go to state petrol stations altogether, or filling up with 5 litres of fuel each. This is a great economic protest action — by not using a personal car and not buying petrol, we are depriving the illegitimate government of money in yet another way. But the National Crisis Management has consulted experts and suggests making the "Stop Petrol" campaign even more effective.

"Stop 95 petrol"

A bit of theory: only 25% of Belarus' refinery output goes to the domestic market. However, domestic sales are much more profitable economically than exports. Domestic sales help make up for any losses due to changes in world market prices.

Belarus produces a lot of diesel fuel, but most of it is exported. Cutting it out domestically would have an economic effect, but would not affect the plants in any way. 92 gasoline, too, is mostly exported.

It is a different story with 95 petrol. Not only is it the most profitable in terms of domestic sales: there is also the least amount of storage space in the refineries.

It is important to concentrate on not buying 95 gasoline at all. This will not only reduce the revenues from fuel sales, but also affect the petrochemical industry.

What can I do if I only fill up my car with 95?

There are many options.

1) The simplest one is to fill up with 92. According to experts, if you don’t drive a race car, but you just commute around town, your car won’t even notice the switch. And you’ll save money and protest.
2) Switch to taxis (carpooling mostly runs on gas), carsharing (mostly use 92 petrol) or public transport.
3) Walk, if distances permit.

Giving up 95 petrol is a real and effective way to fight the regime!

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