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Another step towards the rehabilitation of victims of political repression

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Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s team presented a new document

In early April, the National Anti-Crisis Management approved the Concept of Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repressions in Belarus. The approach proposed by the NAM presupposes the restoration of violated rights, comprehensive assistance and compensation to citizens. The concept covers all forms of political persecution and the entire period of the Lukashenka’s regime.

The next step in creating a legal basis for rehabilitation was the Act on release from responsibility and restoration of the rights of persons persecuted for political reasons, prepared by Svetlana Tikhanovskaya’s team. The document details the solution to the priority issue: the release of those arrested and serving sentences "for politics."

The act, the provisions of which are consistent with the Concept of Rehabilitation, provides the release of all "political" in custody or imprisonment. Anyone who has been convicted or charged for political reasons will be released from May 8, 2020. In addition, those who have already served their arrest under the "political" articles of the Administrative Code will receive compensation, and those dismissed "for politics" will be reinstated in their jobs. At the same time, everyone who is released, waiting for a review of their case, will be able to participate in the new presidential elections.

The act will come into force after it is signed by the leader of Belarus during the transition period.

To speed up the process of future rehabilitation, we urge all repressed people to collect evidence of their persecution for political reasons already now. Justice will be restored.

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