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Proposals for consideration by the U.S. Congress's Friends of Belarus Caucus

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As part of our analysis of possible measures to increase international pressure on Lukashenka’s regime, we came to the conclusion that the role of the United States in this process is crucial.

Below we describe both the basis on which we came to these conclusions and the conclusions themselves. In short, things such as the influence and voice of the United States in the IMF, as well as the unique instrument of extraterritorial and secondary sanctions available exclusively to the United States, can significantly affect the efficacy of economic pressure on the illegitimate government in Belarus. A swift, decisive action would throw Lukashenka into the dustbin of history, free the people of Belarus from violence and torture. Moreover, it would be a big step in widening the reach of the core values of democracy, making the world more stable, predictable, and inherently safer.

Please find the full document below.

Proposals for consideration by the U.S. Congress’s Friends of Belarus Caucus

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