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Digest: December 13 - 26

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"Cross" on the "referendum", statement on the regime, "Expert Environment" and a fresh program of our resistance

The NAM, along with the Belarusians, continues to prepare to "cross" the constitutional referendum. The Polish lawyer’s office has filed an application for genocide and crimes against humanity against Lukashenka and his accomplices with the local National Prosecutor’s Office. The first issues of the new NAM project "Expert Environment" about the geopolitical choice of Belarus have been released.

And here’s what each of you can do for our common victory:
  • tell your family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues about the plan for the "referendum": come to the polling stations and put X’s in all the boxes — and explain why a boycott would only benefit the dictatorship;
  • withdraw all money from our cards, take deposits from banks, and refuse to buy excisable or simply expensive goods, as the proponents of change have been doing for a long time;
  • to beware of COVID-19, including wearing masks in public places.

Let’s cross out the "referendum"!

The NAM team, together with all Belarusians, continues to prepare for Lukashenka’s constitutional "referendum" - to prepare to cross it out. Let us define once again the united strategy of the democratic majority: we must go to the polling stations and put crosses in front of all the options suggested on the ballot.

The dictator counts on the inaction of the Belarusians. The Belarusians will not meet his expectations and will once again say a resounding "NO!" to the regime’s face.

A "present" for the regime

Law office of Tomasz Wilinsky has made a New Year "present" to the regime by filing to the National Prosecutor’s Office of Poland a statement on suspicion of genocide and crimes against humanity by Lukashenko and more than 20 of his accomplices, including Tertel, Karpenkov and Balaba. The statement of 160 pages is accompanied by 10 thousand pages of documents about the migration crisis, created by the dictator, and 30 thousand pages of documents about the crimes against the Belarusians and foreign citizens. Among other things, Mr. Vilinsky points out the persecution of Belarusians on the grounds of language and the use of national white-red-white symbols.

By the end of January 2022, Wilinski’s office also plans to inform the International Criminal Court in The Hague about the filing of a statement about the regime’s crimes.

"Expert Environment"

The new series of "Expert Environment" discussions organized by the NAM has already included two talks on Belarus' geopolitical choice. We believe that in the circumstances of Lukashenka’s trade in our country’s sovereignty such conversations are extremely important.

The first "Expert Environment" was devoted to interaction of the EU with subregional unions, groups and neighborhood programs. Its participants, political experts and analysts, experts in international relations, discussed the essence of the Eastern Partnership for Belarus and threats to the Belarusian statehood.

During the second "Expert Environment" the participants discussed integration processes within the framework of Eurasian Economic Union and CIS; perspectives of relations between Belarus and Russia, viability of CIS, CSTO and other formats of the Commonwealth.

The results of "Expert Environment" are published in the NAM channels and communities in social networks and messengers, as well as on the website of the department: We know that you, as well as we, care about the fate of Belarus, and offer to get involved!

Meeting with the Austrian Ambassador

The Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka and Vladzimir Astapenka, who is responsible for multilateral diplomacy in the department, met with the Austrian ambassador to Poland Andreas Stadler. The parties discussed:
  • the NAM priorities: non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government, bringing the dictatorship’s acolytes to justice, increasing sanctions pressure;
  • attempts of the regime to put pressure on the Austrian business in Belarus and counteract them;
  • ways to support Belarusian cultural figures who were forced to leave their homeland, including the Belarusian Cultural Month in Poland in Warsaw;
  • the importance of not appointing a new Austrian ambassador to Belarus under the current circumstances.
Mr. Stadler assured that the recognition of Lukashenka as president is impossible, and that Austria will not give in to his blackmail and will continue to support the democratization of Belarus.

It is time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship is everyone’s business. We propose you:
  • share with your circle about our common plan for the "referendum": come to the polling stations and put crosses in front of all the suggested options — and explain, using the example of our material (look for the link in the text of the post), why a boycott is a bad idea;
  • And if you are invited to the electoral commission — say yes, but be sure to inform the *Honest People community to fight the system from within as well;
  • continue to deprive the regime of their livelihood by withdrawing money from cards, taking deposits from banks, refraining from expensive upgrades and purchases of excisable goods: car fuel, alcohol, tobacco products;
  • protect yourself and your loved ones not only from the regime, but also from the coronavirus: at least remember to wear masks in public places.

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