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Belarusians have been fighting for their rights and freedom for over a year. We do it in different ways: from marches, strikes and partisan actions to online actions, which uncover criminal schemes of dictatorship, helping to pass sanctions, and to contacts with politicians and officials of different countries.

Solidarity is one of the words that Belarusians learned well in 2020. We have helped and continue to help each other: we donate money to repressed and striking people, we help collect things to political prisoners, we donate to projects that bring us closer to a common victory.

The National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM) — consists of 27 professionals from various fields who have united to make Belarus free. We seek economic sanctions, release of political prisoners, international isolation of the regime, an end to repression, criminal accountability of its representatives, and new, fair elections.

In our work, we always follow the principle of openness and responsibility — we tell about all our projects, directions and results through our public channels and media every day.

You can help us in our work and bring change to Belarus through PayPal. Every such gesture of solidarity and support is a step towards free country that we all want to live in.

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