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How to fight the regime on the internet?

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Leaflet for online hygiene

Despite the ironic attitude, the role of "sofa troops" in countering the people who have seized power in the country is enormous. In this post, we have compiled top tips to help fight back against the regime on the internet.

1. Information hygiene

For a start — subscribe to the websites of the independent media. This way you will not only always be informed about the news, but you will also help the media to communicate it to others — to do this, tell your family and friends, especially the older generation, about these sources. Who you should subscribe to:
-"Nasha Niva"
— "Radio Svaboda"
— "Belsat"
- "Euroradio"
— your regional media
— regional channels and chatrooms (you can find a list here)
— And other independent media and channels.

2. Organised action

We are stronger together. Keep a close eye on activities and initiatives. This can range from petitions, appeals, voting on the Golos platform, to mass blocking of bots on social networks, for example.
When you see messages from bots in the comments on social networks, complain about them. Here are instructions on how to recognise such comments, and here’s how to complain about them on Instagram. This will help ensure people’s real opinions don’t get lost.
Subscribe to our partners, the Stop Propaganda community. They help to fight for freedom on the internet more effectively.

3. Exposing propaganda

Feel free to expose propaganda and fakes in social networks — if you see outright lies, write about it. But don’t start an argument under any circumstances (bots can’t be persuaded anyway, it’s not their job to think), and certainly don’t get personal — you can be held quite liable for online insults. If you are provoked and annoyed, ignore them.

Speak your mind. Don’t be shy or afraid to post comments. Every statement you make sends a message to like-minded people that there are many of you. Support other people who write comments. Pinning a 'like' is a simple but effective way to encourage a person. Liking also increases the visibility of comments and posts on social networks.

Share important information with your friends. If you see an important or interesting post, recommend sharing it with your friends (you may have chats with colleagues, acquaintances or family). This is an important mechanism for spreading the word.

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