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Are laws necessary at all?

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Are laws necessary at all? We explain what they are for, if there is a Constitution

For 26 years we have become accustomed to the fact that the phrase "let's live by the laws" seems to us correct and adequate. But it’s time to ask yourself the question: "What is the role and function of laws and how do they radically differ from what is written in the Constitution?"

In this video *Honest people tell us that the function of the Constitution is to establish clear rules, the implementation of which guarantees the well-being of society.

What then is the role of laws? Serve the resolution of disagreements within the community while complying with these rules. And only in the case of a real existence of these disagreements.

The principle of "living by the laws", in fact, is implemented in our country because of the huge number of constantly changing laws that replace the Constitution and all the rules that it sets.

"Living by the laws" means always being in a state of disagreement and demanding manual regulation of their resolution.

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