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Legal mechanism for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression

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Artsiom Praskalovich spoke about the legal mechanism for the rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Belarus

One of the authors of the Concept of Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, the NAM lawyer Artsiom Praskalovich, commented on the legal side of the Concept on the air of "Euroradio" and "Radio Liberty".

On the release of political prisoners

"The initial stage of rehabilitation is the release of those in custody and serving sentences for political reasons. To free the former, the legal regulation that already exists at the moment is sufficient. And the latter should be released on the basis of a separate legal act".

"As a lawyer, I see that such a law can be passed by parliament at an urgent session within one day or even several hours".
"The list of those to be released is wider than the list of political prisoners. Defendants and convicts with political underpinnings for economic offences, for insults, damage to property should be released".

About the rehabilitation of the rest of the victims

"The second stage will be work on the complete rehabilitation of victims of repression. The existing institutions are sufficient to review their cases. It only remains for these cases to go to a truly independent court".
"The NAM will prepare a package of draft documents that can be taken as a basis for legislating the criteria for political repression and the affected persons".
"If some institutions and procedures are not enough, it will be possible to adopt separate acts regulating the provision of assistance and deciding the issue of perpetuating memory."

On the status of a victim of repression

"The decision to grant the status of a victim of repression will be made by the National Commission, but on the basis of, among other things, court decisions."

"In any case, we will need an extrajudicial body, because some issues will lie not only in the plane of judicial review of cases. And it must be remembered that unlawful decisions have also been taken by law enforcement and other bodies with administrative powers."

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