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We will not allow ourselves to be made slaves of the regime

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Artsiom Praskalovich — on amendments to the Labor Code of Belarus and ways to resist the new "tightening of the screws"

One of the lowest salaries in Europe and a humiliating contract system. A bias in favor of the employer in labor legislation, raising the retirement age and the law "on parasites". Forced subbotniks and levies, collection of signatures and early voting are under threat. Lack of conditions for independent trade unions, dismissals for political views and corralling to work under the batons of riot police. All these are Belarusian realities.

But the Lukashenka’s regime decided that the screws were not tight enough.

Amendments to the Labor Code of Belarus come into force on July 1. According to them, the employer will have the formal right to fire employees for administrative arrest, participation and calls for strikes. In practice, this means that employers will have even more loosened hands, and anyone can be on the street for no reason. And we are talking not only about those who publicly expressed their political views and protest against the actions of the dictatorship.

The new legitimate government rehabilitates those dismissed for political reasons. But there is a better option than continuing to endure your lawlessness: to stop lawlessness in Belarus.

Live a free life, receive a decent salary, be sure that your rights are protected, or let the regime turn you into a slave — the choice is yours.

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