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We have already written about the importance of disseminating information about the "referendum" scheduled for February 27th. Mass media are blocked, bloggers and journalists are imprisoned or squeezed out of the country, telegram channels are recognized as extremist — all this is an ongoing repression against freedom of speech.

And in such conditions, we, Belarusians abroad, as well as brave Belarusians inside the country, must tell the truth about the "referendum".

We have compiled a selection of materials about the "referendum", which is important to share with the maximum number of Belarusians. Each repost, publication on social networks, personal message or conversation about a common strategy is a contribution to a common cause.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya held a call with civil servants and officials of Belarus: now you tell the officials you know about the importance of their role in countering the "referendum"

Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka conducts an honest count of deputies of election commissions at the "referendum" and recalled the accusations of violations

Members of the main composition of the Coordination Council Valery Matskevich took part in the photo project Cross Out Lawlessness and told what two crosses in the ballot mean to him.

*Honest people have launched the installation "Cross the falsification" — it will help to understand how to deceive the election commissions, and to find out others about it.

The ZUBR platform told how every Belarusian can become a civilian controller and hep to fix violations at polling stations during the "referendum".

What should do Belarusians abroad after the cancellation of voting abroad? A list of useful actions can help everyone

Follow the news marked ❌❌, share it, tell the truth.

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Together we can cross out the deceit!

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