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The French newspaper Libération reports on the situation with Belarusian government bonds

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"As soon as the country comes under sanctions, we will have to sell [Eurobonds] within 10 days". French newspaper Libération on the situation with Belarus' government bonds


One of France’s largest newspapers, Libération, has published an article about local investment funds buying Belarusian Eurobonds in the summer of 2020. Main:

  • "The crackdown in Belarus began two months before the 9 August elections. For many years, Belarus kept afloat only thanks to Russian loans and debt refinancing. On 24 June, as it does every year, the country issued $ 1.25bn worth of bonds on the London Stock Exchange".

  • "According to Democratic Forces, there are three French banks among the bond buyers. Crédit Agricole bought Eurobonds worth € 1.88m, BNP Paribas € 2.78m and private bank Neuflize another € 10.36m. Another French bank, Société Générale, was also involved. Together with Citigroup and Raiffeisen, it organised the placement of these bonds on the stock exchange".

  • "A Crédit Agricole spokesman said the investment fund started selling off Belarus government bonds after the protests began. It will continue selling them in the coming weeks as these bonds lose ground in the ESG rating, which assesses ethical criteria."

  • "Neuflize Bank said that if Belarus is entered on the list of international sanctions, the company will have to sell [government bonds] within 10 days.

  • "BNP Paribas Asset Management, in turn, guarantees that the bank has no investments in Belarusian sovereign bonds under active management."

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