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Why and how to send appeals to the Constitutional Commission

The "People's Constitution" campaign was launched on the platform *Honest Choice. As part of this campaign, Belarusians will seek to submit to a republican referendum the draft Constitution developed by the Public Constitutional Commission, which takes into account the real interests of the people, and not the Lukashenka’s regime. To do this, we urge every adult citizen to send an appeal with the relevant requirement to the Constitutional Commission by August 1, 2021.

Why exactly to the Constitutional Commission?

It is the Constitutional Commission that is responsible for preparing drafts of the Constitution that will be proposed for submission to a referendum. Now this body is preparing a project aimed exclusively at serving the dictatorship — but we can change that.

The regulations of the Constitutional Commission oblige it to take into account the proposals of citizens and allow it to submit for submission to a referendum not one, but several drafts of the Basic Law. Having sent her thousands of requests, we are at least:

1) Let’s exclude the possibility of a subsequent formal refusal to submit the people’s draft Constitution to a referendum.

2) Let’s demonstrate the people’s rejection of the planned illegitimate government’s opportunity to support only one — convenient for the regime — draft of the Constitution.

But our main goal is to force the Constitutional Commission to ensure the submission of the people’s draft Constitution to a referendum.

How to send an appeal?

1) Register on the platform *Honest choice through a chat bot in Telegram or Viber.

2) Send your request by e-mail or in writing by regular mail.

In the first case, literally in one click, an appeal will be automatically generated in your mail client, where you just have to indicate your full name, registration address and email. If you choose to send by regular mail, the bot will offer to download and print the request template, enter your full name, address and email and send a paper letter from any branch of "Belpochta".

The more appeals we all send, the higher the chance to vote in the referendum for the Constitution that the people of Belarus deserve!

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