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Extreme student exchange program for foreigners

Being a student in Belarus is not easy: dismissals of teachers, expulsion, beatings and trials. For foreigners who are ready to face the Belarusian reality, the community *Honest people has developed an extreme student exchange program:

In Belarus, the participants can expect:
• disputes with deans;
• searches in hostels;
• running across the road;
• running across the field;
• detention;
• jail.

Do you know foreign students? Send them a link and invite them to participate in an extreme student exchange. Or sign a petition demanding to stop repressions against students and teachers in Belarus.
* Honest people launched a petition to 496 foreign universities that cooperate with Belarusian universities. That is, they share the values and support the actions of their Belarusian partner universities.

The petition requirements are simple and doable:
1. Declare the suspension of the partnership until the end of the repression.
2. Develop independent support programs for affected students and teachers.
3. Publicly condemn the actions of the Belarusian partners.

How else you can help Belarusian students and teachers, you will find on the page * Honest people.

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