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The NAM conference in Nuremberg will help increase legal pressure on the regime on all fronts

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For more than a year the NAM and other democratic forces in Belarus have been working on three lines of international legal pressure on the regime.

The recognition of the Lukashenka regime as a terrorist.Achieving political goals by violent means (the definition of terrorism) has long been the only ideology of the regime. Therefore, the legal logic in this matter is unambiguous — Lukashenka must be recognized as a terrorist, as must his accomplices.

Universal Jurisdiction. Tens of thousands of Belarusians were subjected to torture and humiliation. The Convention against Torture, to which Belarus is a signatory, says unequivocally that member states of this convention may investigate such crimes regardless of the place where they were committed.

International tribunal. In the fall of 2020, the OSCE Special Rapporteur called for creating a separate international body to prosecute those responsible for torture in Belarus. And we must continue to push for such a tribunal to be organized.

The fourth direction is official non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government. Many countries declared about non-recognition of the election results and Lukashenko’s illegitimacy.

But this was not followed by a refusal to recognize the dictator and his government de-jure and de-facto. If we achieve this, we can place the regime in real political and economic isolation. Here are just some of the consequences of non-recognition: denunciation of international agreements concluded by the regime. Loss of access for it to the resources of the IMF and other financial institutions. Loss of the regime’s ability to issue securities on international markets. Accelerating the process of recognizing the regime as terrorist.

The legal conference in Nuremberg, to be held by the NAM on October 11, will bring together lawyers, politicians and human rights activists. Together, we will discuss experiences of legal pressure on all fronts and adopt an action plan that will bring justice closer to the terrorist and his accomplices.

Our goal is to make international legal mechanisms work to protect the innocent and punish the real criminals.

You can help organize a legal conference through PayPal.

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