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The regime will do its best not to open polling stations in foreign institutions

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— The territory of Belarus could be used for aggression against Ukraine.

— The evacuation of diplomats from Kiev is a bad sign, although it could be a simple overreaction.

— Russian diplomats make knowingly impossible demands to provoke their opponents.

— The outcome of negotiations between Russia and the West. None of the parties is interested in an endless escalation of the conflict, its consequences have already been felt by Russia and by the Belarusians too.

— Are Russian troops in Belarus an occupation? Belarus has been turning into a dysfunctional state over the past year and a half. Inability to control the borders, non-compliance with international law, lack of legitimacy — objectively, the regime is losing the levers of governing the country.

— The West consolidated itself as a result of the conflict with Russia, but the conflict itself rather hinders the collective search for a solution to the Belarusian crisis.

— Lukashenka keeps talking about the war in order to shift attention away from the situation inside the country. The so-called "referendum" was not scheduled for the end of February by chance: most of the world’s media agenda is now occupied by military exercises, but not by the problems and consequences of the "referendum".

— In 2022, the regime will do everything possible not to open polling stations abroad and, if they do open, to reduce the turnout to a minimum. — Vladzimir Astapenka pointed out even before the statement of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

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