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Story of Anatoliy Shelkovich - Face of Protest #25

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Anatoliy Shelkovich is the hero of one of the repentant videos that regime representatives force the detained Belarusians to record. The video, in which the man answers questions sarcastically, despite the seriousness of the situation, quickly became popular among Belarusians

Source: Zerkalo
Video: Twitter

Last week, Internet users paid attention to another "repentant" video in the Twitter account of the Interior Ministry. It shows a man who was making white-red-white symbols in his basement (the color of the historical flag of Belarus, the use of which the Lukashenka regime is trying to suppress), explaining why he was doing it. "I've always liked the combination of white and red," says the hero of the video calmly and specifies: "my wife is a redhead," and "I also like tomatoes with sour cream." The video immediately went viral on social networks and surprised everyone by the composure and self-control of the "hero" of the video, as he jokingly answers the question in such a stressful moment.

The man on the video is named Anatoliy Shelkovich, he is the chief electrician at one of the enterprises in Minsk. On November 11, he turned 65, on which day a detention group came to his home. The birthday boy was just taking congratulations on the phone. As Anatoliy’s son Anton says, the family reacted calmly to the unexpected guests.

— The officers behaved in a humane manner. When they took dad away, they offered to take some food and other things. My father has been a mountain climber for over forty years, so he answered that he had experienced a lot of hardships in the mountains. In the end he only wore warm clothes and took water, — Anton continues. — Now the father is in jail on Okrestina (a temporary detention center in Minsk). No one knows what article Anatoliy was judged under, neither the family nor the human rights defenders. The lawyer said: for protest activity. Anatoliy Shelkovich was sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest. One of the parcels of personal belongings for Anatoliy from his family was not accepted by the detention center workers.

The family has seen a video in which Anatol Shelkovich tells how he drew a red stripe on white bags and then hung them up in his neighborhood. The story includes the following words: "After sitting here, I thought a little bit that I was doing it for nothing," says Anatoliy. — But I’ve always liked the combination of white and red. My wife is a redhead — it’s white with red. I like tomatoes with sour cream — that’s also white and red… Probably not right, I should have stopped".

The phrases about his wife and salad were taken by many users as a good joke. Anton (Anatoliy's son) does not deny that his dad has a great sense of humor. However, Anton notes that it is not exactly a joke:

— But I wouldn’t say he was joking here. This story is about 25 years old. When I was a kid and we went to tourist camps, during toasts around the campfire, my father used to say that he liked tomato salad and his wife best.

This case is an example of how Belarusians remain in good spirits and are not afraid of the representatives of the regime, despite the lawlessness going on in the country.