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Story of Anastasia Perevoschikova - Face of Protest #5

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On 9 May Anastasia Perevoshchikova, a Belarusian "record-breaker" in the "number of days of administrative detention" for participation in protest actions, was released. She was tried seven times in a row and served a total of 105 days of administrative detention.

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On 9 May, at 4:00 p.m., celebrations to mark Victory Day were held all over the country and in Buda-Kosheleva as well. Now it is quiet and not a soul in sight. There were several people outside the local police station — her mother, friends, and people Anastasia had met when she was behind bars — who had written letters to her.

Anastasia’s mother Elena is worried about the number of people meeting and reminds us not to gather more than three people in one place.

— They will be taken for an unauthorised mass event and put in jail, she warns the crowd without a smile. Every five minutes she looks at the clock.

At last, at 5.00 p.m., the bars rattle, the doors of the police station open — Anastasia comes out. Pale and a little dazed. The next thing was flowers, hugs, and tears of joy.

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Anastasia spent her first few days in the Gomel temporary detention facility, but in February she was transferred to the Buda-Kosheleva detention facility. The girl said that the staff at the local TDF treated her humanely. As far as that applies to her situation, of course.

— They followed orders and sometimes very verbatim, without thinking of the consequences. From 1 April all political prisoners were referred to as "persons requiring special supervision". They put me in a separate cell and took away my mattress and blanket.

Anastasia’s immediate plan is to recover, and tomorrow she will go to her grandfather’s house. She has to congratulate him in person on Victory Day, albeit a little late.

Anastasia Perevoshchikova started going out for street protests in August. Gomel resident received her first report at the end of January after a search in her flat and then in the flat of her grandfather, an 89-year-old pensioner, a World War II home front worker. The police officers were looking for a district flag, which local activists take pictures with and then post on social networks.

On 6 February Anastasia was released, but two days later she was invited to the police — allegedly for a talk. The girl did not return home. It turned out that the police drew up another report on Anastasia under Article 23.34 and sentenced her back to 15 days.

It turned out that on 16, 18, and 22 February she was again taken to the courts, each of which handed down the same decision — 15 days of arrest. Then there was a trial on 25 February and another punishment. Then there was another trial on March 4.

Thus, the girl served a total of 105 days.