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"Student Case". Why foreign universities are silent?

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Today, sentences were passed on the "Student Case": 12 students received from 2 to 2.5 years in a general regime colony.

But how did it happen that during the entire period of protests, not a single Belarusian university spoke out in defense of students?

How did it happen that universities, which have always been the centers of free-thinking and creative education of the younger generation, are turning into an institution of violence against the freedom of the individual and self-expression?

At such times, mutual support and solidarity are especially important.

We are sending appeals to the administrations of foreign universities with the requirement to protect Belarusian students and freeze the partnership.

Sign the petition so that rectors can see that these requirements are shared by all Belarusians!

Send the link to your friends in chats and private messages. Don’t be silent, every voice matters!

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