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How to help spread the word about the general plan for the "referendum"

The democratic forces have published an action plan for the "referendum" to be held in Belarus in late winter — according to our information, it is February 27. We propose the Belarusians come to the polling stations and cast invalid ballots with crosses against all the proposed options.

It is important that as many Belarusians as possible become aware of this plan. It is together that we will be able to thwart the plans of the illegitimate authorities and determine the future of our country.

How to tell about the general plan of the "referendum"?

1. Just talk to your friends, relatives and colleagues whom you trust. Tell them about the "referendum", explain why it is a crime. Tell them how important it is to act and what the overall plan is. Show the "Voice" platform where you can take a poll now about the future "referendum".

2. Print and distribute stickers in support of the democratic forces strategy for the "referendum". Remember about safety, both when printing (preferably at a printer or at a printing house by reliable people) and when distributing (do not open your face to the cameras, avoid the attention of passers-by). Download the stickers.

3. Print and distribute leaflets. Download a ready-made leaflet. And please keep safety in mind. Print in small print runs (up to 299 copies), avoid places with cameras and security.

When there is a "no law in the land" attitude, even legal things need to be done with an eye to personal safety. So that we and our children do not have to remember these absolutely unnecessary rules in a normal situation, we will all come together to the polling stations and cross out both the "referendum" and the lawlessness in Belarus.

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