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How do you replace journeys in your car if you fill up with precisely 95 petrol?

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How do you replace journeys in your car if you fill up with precisely 95 petrol?

The National Anti-Crisis Management, "Drivers 97" and ByPol continue the motorists' economic protest action. We consider it important for Belarusians to reduce the purchase of fuel at petrol stations, especially — AI-95 petrol. It is on the sale of this petrol within the country that the regime earns its money. These are the sanctions, which the Belarusians themselves can adopt against the petrochemical industry of Belarus, in addition to the US sanctions, the purpose of which is to stop lawlessness.

But how can you give up your personal car if you need it? What to do if the car is only willing to run on 95th gasoline? There are always several solutions:

1) Switch to taxis — generally, cars from most services run on gas. Of course, there are also those that use petrol, which we are fighting to reduce consumption, but the chances of getting one in a taxi are minimal.

2) Switch to car sharing — cars from most services run on 92 petrol. Ideally, of course, reduce consumption as well, but let this be an interim option for you before you give up buying fuel altogether for a while.

3) Belarus has good public transport: buses, trolleybuses, trams, shuttles — and in Minsk, also the metro. You don’t need to buy petrol to use all forms of public transport — it’s exactly what we all want.

4) Bicycles, scooters. If the distance and purpose of the trip allow, it’s a great way to exercise and get to where you want to go. You don’t have to use the big services: there are local bike and scooter rentals in almost every area.

5) Walking, if distances permit. Ideal for those who work close to home. But the weather is getting better and better, so walking even a few metro stations, if you have the time, would be both useful and protesting.

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