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Pavel Latushka addressed the current head of the National Bank, Pavel Kallaur

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"This appeal is addressed to Pavel Kallaur, a man whom I have known for a long time. I know him as a professional, whose abilities could have qualified him for the position of the head of the National Bank. If not for a few ‘buts'…"

Key points of the address of the head of the National Anti-Crisis Management (NAM):

— On the illegality of Kallaur’s employment in his current position.
"Pavel Uladzimiravich, you have been holding this position illegally since 2019. You know perfectly well that you hold this office in violation of the Banking Code of the Republic of Belarus."

— On the real level of inflation in the country.
"The National Bank gives inaccurate information about inflation, which, even according to fictitious estimates, is more than 9%. It is no longer possible to hide the fact that it is higher than the refinancing rate. But in reality, it is one and a half times higher. The real inflation rate in the country is almost 15%."

— On the volume of deposits in Belarusian banks.
"Data on the volume of deposits in banks are also falsified in order to create an image of their liquidity. In fact, the total volume of deposits of individuals is almost 2 times lower than indicated in the reports of the country’s main bank."

— On the real amount of gold reserves.
"We are told fairy tales about the increase in gold and foreign exchange reserves, which put the figure at 7.7 billion US dollars. But the truth is that the real amount of the gold and foreign exchange reserves has dropped to $ 6 billion today. It is the minimum set by the International Monetary Fund for Belarus."

— On the reasons for recording the appeal.
"Within the framework of the Dialogue with the People project, most of the requests we received are from National Bank officials. It is painful to hear, but not even your colleagues trust you anymore. This is how this appeal has come about."

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