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Rehabilitation of victims of political repression in Belarus

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Help us create an online platform for the formation of victims' cases

The NAM is developing a user-friendly automated online platform for the formation of cases of the repressed, which will be considered by the National Commission for the Rehabilitation of Victims of the Regime.

Murder and rape. Beatings and torture. Criminal penalties, administrative arrests and fines. Dismissal from work and expulsion from educational institutions. Psychological pressure and expulsion from the country. Confiscation of property and closure of businesses. These and other crimes of the illegitimate authorities directly affected tens
of thousands of Belarusians, each of whom have their own story to tell.

Belarusians have a tremendous amount of rehabilitation work to do, because no one should be left behind. We try to take into account all possible nuances — and for this we need your participation.

We ask those who were repressed in any form to send us their stories. You can do this anonymously and without giving any personal details.

Please tell us:

— why you consider yourself to have been persecuted and exactly how you were suffered;

— when you were persecuted — remember that we intend to rehabilitate all victims from 20 July 1994;

— what evidence you can provide and who you believe was involved in the repression against you;

— what kind of assistance and compensation you would like to receive for politically motivated crimes committed against you.

In the future, you will be able to enter this information into a database on the rehabilitation platform, complete with personal data, and it will be forwarded to the National Commission for consideration.

Write to us by email — this will bring justice closer to being restored in Belarus.

The concept of rehabilitation and the decision to approve the concept

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