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Pavel Latushka responded to Lukashenka's constitutional commission

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"Instead of choosing between the old and the new version of Lukashenka’s constitution, the Belarusians will have an *Honest choice and the Constitution that we will write for the whole country!"

The head of the NAM Pavel Latushka answered the so-called constitutional commission of Lukashenka:

— Without announcing dates in advance, without organizing real public discussions, without taking into account the opinions of the people, people who called themselves the constitutional commission declare that they are — a quote: "On July 14−15, they agree in writing on the developed proposals to amend the Basic Law of the Republic of Belarus."

For our part, we answer to the so-called commission as follows:

  1. You will not be able to pretend that your project has anything to do with the will of the Belarusian people, which you are trying to strangle.
  2. You will not be able to hide the fact of receiving hundreds of citizens' appeals with the demand to ensure the submission to a referendum of the draft Constitution of New Belarus — a truly people’s Constitution.
  3. You do not have a single legal basis to stop further accepting applications and proposals from Belarusians.

The People’s Constitution Campaign continues!

Separately, we would like to address the Belarusians.

By sending appeals to the constitutional commission, we do not recognize it as a legitimate body. But if we do not use this legal instrument of pressure, we will not be able to document the fact of our demands.
You can send an appeal demanding to submit the people’s draft Constitution to a referendum using our chat bots:

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