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In 2022, the IMF may "give" Lukashenka $3 billions

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The law, according to which the US will advocate a new SDR of about $ 2.1 trillion, has already been approved by the House of Representatives. And the share of Belarus in this distribution is no longer $ 1 billion, but almost $ 3 billion.

What else did the head of the NAM Pavel Latushka talk about in an interview with Malanka Media on the situation with the IMF?

— About "ventilators and vaccines": SDR, which the regime can receive, will not be directed to the construction of hospitals, the purchase of ventilators or vaccines. They will increase the gold reserves or be exchanged for real money. And then they can spend on any purpose — up to the purchase of weapons that will be used against Belarusians.

— On the control over the use of SDR: it does not exist, there are no such mechanisms either by the IMF or by anyone else — these illusions must be got rid of. Yes, after 2 years you need to submit a report. In which you can write anything you want — after all, these funds will simply dissolve in the budget.

— On non-recognition of the regime: it is important to immediately separate two terms — "illegitimacy" and "non-recognition". (Un)legitimacy is an illegal construct. It enables the dictator and his government to function. Most countries have stated that they do not recognize Lukashenka’s legitimacy. We need to transform illegitimacy into non-recognition. It was the non-recognition of the Taliban government, Maduro, and the junta in Myanmar that prevented them from using their accounts with the IMF.

— On actions: we must continue to hold actions and write to congressmen and senators. We must all unite — and seek a declaration of non-recognition of the dictator’s government, which blocks all possible relations with him. We will also seek sanctions against the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Belarus.

— About 3 billion: if we do not achieve political non-recognition from the United States (and the EU), in 2022 the regime will receive another $ 3 billion from the IMF as a gift.


The economic division of the NAM has prepared a detailed "Analysis of the Belarusian case within the framework of the SDR 2021 allocation in questions and answers"

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