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The NAM digest: July 26 - August 8

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A new stage of the "People's Constitution" campaign, assistance to Kristina Timanovskaya, continued economic pressure and relevant activities for each of us.

Runner Kristina Timanovskaya, with the participation of the NAM, was able to avoid a forced return to Belarus. American congressmen supported the NAM campaign to deprive Lukashenka’s regime of access to IMF funds. These and other news are in the digest.

Our struggle has been going on for a year now, and we will not back down. Here’s what anyone can do:
  • register on the platform *Honest choice;
  • urge the IMF to deny the regime’s special drawing rights in the amount of about $ 1 billion;
  • introduce "popular sanctions": withdraw money from the card, take a deposit from the bank, buy currency, and also reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, minimize car trips and expensive purchases;
  • support the NAM and other democratic forces financially;
  • run the "Marathon of Freedom" as a sign of solidarity;
  • join the Peramoga plan.

People’s Constitution

The first stage of the "People's Constitution" campaign has been successfully completed, within the framework of which we are creating our draft Basic Law throughout the country and seeking the right to adopt it at a referendum.

In just three weeks, thousands of Belarusians sent applications to the Constitutional Commission demanding that the people’s draft of the Constitution be submitted to a vote. This is a recorded fact, which the illegitimate authorities will not be able to hide.

These days, public discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus take place, which will form the basis of the people’s draft of the Constitution. Any adult citizen can make a proposal or ask a question about the document …:

  • on the website;
  • in the chatbot of the Svetlana Tikhanovskaya Office in Telegram;
  • in social networks of the NAM, community * Honest people and the Coordination Council;
  • on the website of the platform of people’s representatives SHOD and in its chatbot in Telegram.
The authors of the draft from the Public Constitutional Commission do not just respond to all substantive reviews, but do it publicly. You can share your thoughts on the draft Constitution of New Belarus until August 27. In addition, a popular vote on a number of important issues will take place on the *Honest Choice platform in the near future.

Help Kristina Timanovskaya

With the support of the NAM and the Sports Solidarity Fund, Belarusian athlete Kristina Timanovskaya was able to avoid a forced return to Belarus, obtain a humanitarian visa from Poland as quickly as possible and fly from Tokyo to Warsaw.

Let us remind you that they tried to force Kristina Timanovskaya to perform not in her discipline, but after refusing she was suspended from participation in the Games and intended to take her to Belarus. Realizing what she can expect at home, the athlete turned for help — and received it, including thanks to the efforts of the NAM participants and her "disgraced" colleagues. As a result, Kristina quickly found herself safe, and her coaches were stripped of their accreditation at the Olympics and expelled from the Olympic Village.

External economic pressure

The NAM campaign continues to counter the receipt by the Lukashenka regime of about $ 1 billion from the IMF in the form of Special Drawing Rights (SDR). It was supported by British parliamentarians and US congressmen from the Friends of Belarus caucus, appealing to the authorized representatives of their countries with an appeal to block the SDR account of Belarus for the regime.

In addition, as part of the campaign, we actively interact with the diaspora and Belarusians inside the country. Especially for the diaspora, we have prepared templates for letters to members of the IMF Board of Governors. We also called on all Belarusians to convey our position to the IMF leadership through social networks. And this appeal has already been heard by thousands of our fellow citizens.

The truth about Belarusian industry

The NAM presented a new video section "The Destroyer of the Legends of the Belarusian Industry", dedicated to the flagship enterprises of Belarus. In it, the NAM lawyer, anti-crisis manager with 5 years of experience, Mikhail Kirilyuk, compares the largest Belarusian manufacturers with similar foreign companies according to the following criteria:

  • -the number of employees;
  • -volume of sales;
  • -the cost of manufactured products per 1 employee;
  • -net profit;
  • -profit per employee.
In the first issue of the column, we analyzed the performance of two manufacturers of agricultural machinery: the domestic MTZ and the American AGCO. You can watch it on the official NAM YouTube channel.

Festival of the awakened

The NAM acted as the main partner of the large-scale "festival of the awakened" Tutaka, which took place on August 6−7 near Gorodok in the Polish Podlasie.

The festival dedicated to the anniversary of the struggle for freedom of Belarusians included many concerts, discussions, exhibitions and other cultural activities. Among others, the musical "icons" of the Belarusian protest NAVIBAND and Margarita Levchuk performed at it, and in addition, visitors were able to communicate with one of the most famous Belarusian poets of our days, Andrei Khadanovich.

Museum of Free Belarus

Museum of Free Belarus continues to be replenished with exhibits: the legendary Volny Choir handed over for him a songbook with autographs of its members. The songbook includes the most iconic songs of the last year for Belarusians, including, of course, "Pagonya", "Mury", "Styag" and "Magutni Bozha".

If you also have a potential exhibit for the Free Belarus Museum, please email us at @NAUsupport chatbot. Let us remind you that we collect any evidence of our people’s opposition to the dictatorship: from copies of protocols from the presidential elections to flags, leaflets and posters. You may transfer the item or its digital copy to us on condition of anonymity.

Diplomats for New Belarus

At the end of July, the first graduation of the diplomatic educational course organized by the NAM of the Center for Eastern European Studies of the University of Warsaw took place. We believe that these people will occupy prominent positions in government structures after our common victory.

Creating this course, we pursued the goal of forming a personnel reserve of New Belarus among the promising representatives of all regions of our country, providing practical knowledge and experience in the field of public administration for those who wish. More than 300 applications were received for the first set of the course — 10 times more than the number of places provided.

Time to act together!

The victory over the dictatorship in Belarus is the business of each of us. We are offering to you:
  • register on the platform *Honest choice, participate in discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus and in the popular vote on its provisions;
  • write a letter to the IMF Board of Governors demanding to block access to the SDR account for the Lukashenka regime, as well as to convey our position to the fund through its social networks;
  • continue "popular sanctions": do not keep money on the card and bank deposit, use all available funds to buy foreign currency, and also use a personal car, consume alcohol, tobacco products, and make expensive purchases as little as possible;
  • to support the NAM and other democratic forces financially;
  • join the "Marathon of Freedom": run the symbolic 2334 meters as a sign of solidarity and the continuation of the struggle;
  • enroll in the Peramoga mobilization plan.

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