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Appeals against an unconstitutional decree: we need a response from the Constitutional Court

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On 9 May, Citizen Lukashenka signed a decree transferring power in the event of his violent death to the Security Council. The decree directly violates the Constitution: it gives temporary control of the state to the prime minister.

What do we propose?

We propose that the Constitutional Court (CC) check the constitutionality of Lukashenka’s new decree. The CC will not be able to do it without our help, so we will send our appeals to the court. The Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Supreme Court will help us persuade the Constitutional Court to start checking it. We will also write to them: that they also suggest the Court to check the decree.

What to write and where to write?

1) To the Constitutional Court. We have prepared an appeal template; all you have to do is fill in your details. The appeal can be sent either by post or online. The address for sending a physical letter is in the template.

2) To the House of Representatives, the Council of the Republic, the Supreme Court, and the Council of Ministers. Preferably, to each body separately. In the template, you can select one of the bodies and enter your details. An appeal can also be sent either by post or online. Addresses for physical letters are in the template.

For electronic appeals:

House of Representatives
Council of the Republic
Supreme Court
Council of Ministers

Important: send us the answers from the authorities. See how they explain the constitutionality of the decree. It is necessary to continue fixing all violations of the Constitution and laws by representatives of the illegitimate authorities.

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