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On August 23, IMF decision on SDR allocation came into force

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What does this mean and is it worth panicking?

Technically, this means that starting today, the accounts in the SDR department of each IMF member country will be replenished by the amount of allocated quotas. The replenishment will take place both on the account of Belarus and on the accounts of Venezuela, Afghanistan and Myanmar.

Let us also recall that the decision was made on August 2, and the SDR is distributed among all IMF member countries — in accordance with its charter. And on August 23, the decision just came into force.

Ok, now what?

Any country, including Belarus, will be able to use the SDR funds themselves only if they start their exchange transactions. There are two ways to block such an exchange:

1) The first is to wait for the final decision of the IMF on the issue of non-recognition of the Lukashenka regime and its representatives in the IMF.

This decision can be made at any time, and after August 23. And we continue to work in this direction.

2) The second is our "Plan B" on the inclusion of the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance of Belarus in the sanctions lists. This plan has already been put in place.

And we call on all democratic forces and the diaspora of Belarusians around the world to sign a joint letter to the Foreign Ministries of all allied countries, the US State Department, as well as members of the IMF Board of Governors.

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Don’t panic! We can do this!

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