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Solidarity with Sergei Tsikhanouski

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Dressing in white this weekend in solidarity with Sergei Tsikhanouski and each other

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya recorded an appeal on 29 May, the anniversary of her husband Sergei’s illegal detention, and recalled how the fight for freedom started for her, not only for her beloved, but for the whole of Belarus.

The NAM joins Sviatlana’s call for a global picket of solidarity with Belarus this Saturday and invites Belarusians to support on this day both Sergei Tsikhanouski and each other within the country.

In the light of recent events, we all need to unite more to prevent the darkness of dictatorship from consuming Belarus. Everyone could bring closer the moment the whole country is dreaming of. Everyone can choose the form of protest and solidarity which is closer to them. Everyone can show that the supporters of change are in the majority and that they — you and I — will win.

One way to do this is to go for a walk or a business trip this weekend wearing white or wearing a white accessory as part of the #ЦветПротивТьмы (Colour against Darkness) movement. This gesture is as symbolic as it is simple, because in many ways the colour white started our journey towards New Belarus.

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