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How local elections are rigged in Belarus

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How local elections are rigged in Belarus: stories of state officials

Elections for local councils of deputies must be held until January 2022. This means that they can be called at any time. To get a better understanding of how things work in local elections, read the stories of state administration employees from the "Dialogue with the people" project. *Honest People has compiled the highlights from the stories of the project participants.

  • As a rule, there is a candidate who is "sure to win". For example, for the district council of deputies, such candidates are proposed by the deputy in charge of electoral campaigns. Further, the data on the candidates is passed higher, to the regional council, where each "future deputy" from among the leaders is submitted to the KGB for verification. Only after this three-level clearance is the nomination 'approved', or other options are sought.

  • To become a candidate, you can use both the collection of signatures from district residents and nominations from public associations, parties, and labor collectives. Applications are rejected for a variety of formal reasons. The rule is the same everywhere — there should be as few "outsiders" on the list as possible.

  • Occasionally, random candidates are still allowed to stand for election. These candidates are also discussed at internal meetings. Whether such a candidate wins or loses in their constituency is decided long before election day.

If you work in government and want to keep up to date and share information, join the community of honest civil servants by using the 'Dialogue with the People' chatbot.

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