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Vladzimir Astapenka took the position of Deputy Head of the National Anti-Crisis Management. The NAM team expansion

Structural changes are taking place in the NAM team as part of the reorganization of work

Vladzimir Astapenka took the position of deputy Head of the NAM responsible for foreign policy. The position of responsible for strategic planning and coordination was taken by Valery Matskevich. Pavel Bertsov joined the foreign policy department, Yauheni Malashuk continues to work in the NAM media team after leaving Belarus. Coordinator Lena Zhivoglod is leaving the team and will focus on community activities *Honest people.

 — "I, together with the community *Honest people, will focus on building and developing a civil society in Belarus. At the same time, as before, the NAM and *Honest people will have many joint projects." — said Lena Zhivoglod.

The National Anti-Crisis Management thanks Lena Zhivoglod for her work from the very foundation of the structure and her contribution to the creation and development of the NAM. We are convinced that by working together we will achieve our common goal.

The National Anti-Crisis Management will only intensify activities in key areas of the strategy: political, legal and economic pressure on the regime, as well as to achieve the main goal — the construction of a new democratic Belarus.

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