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I am recommending Lukashenka take a single ticket

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Pavel Latushka explained why the dictator’s best decision on arrival in Sochi would be not to return to Belarus.

What the NAM head Pavel Latushka said — briefly:

1. Lukashenka is no longer just an illegitimate usurper — he is an international terrorist.

2. On the eve of Lukashenka’s visit to Sochi, the NAM sent a series of letters about his real situation. The aim was to prevent the likelihood of any deals with the Lukashenka regime and external loans to him. Among the recipients: the IMF, the financial regulators FCA and SEC, as well as members of the Russian government.

3. The NAM has also informed OFAC (the US Office of Foreign Assets Control) where and by whom Lukashenka’s aircraft fleet is maintained. Thus, further maintenance of his aircraft may be in great doubt in the near future.

For more details, see the video message of the NAM head.

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