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Lukashenka talks about war against Belarusians

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"When dictators run out of last arguments to justify their policies, they start talking about war."

Head of the NAM Pavel Latushka — about Lukashenka’s desire to teach Belarusians to fight.

We can only guess with whom exactly citizen Lukashenka is going to fight. But more importantly, that the Belarusians themselves know exactly who threatens them today. Who jeopardizes the freedom and independence of the country.

And from which enemy real patriots will defend country by joining the troops of territorial defense:

Perhaps joining territorial defense is the way to exercise our natural right to resist the usurper?

And if citizen Lukashenka has forgotten who is who, then we will remind: "The Belarusian people are not an enemy. And the only source of state power and sovereignty in the country."

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