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How long does Lukashenka want to rule in Belarus?

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Debate between Pavel Latushka and Yuri Voskresensky

The head of the NAM Pavel Latushka held a debate against Yuri Voskresensky, one of the creators of Lukashenka’s Constitution, and appealed to the Belarusians following the debate.

How long is Lukashenka going to rule after the referendum and what is the adjusted democracy of Belarus, according to the representatives of the regime? Watch in the video.

Today we must answer ourselves: do we want to continue living under the yoke of dictator Lukashenka? Living in a country where our rights will not be respected? A country without independent media, civil initiatives, foundations, political parties? A country in which everything will be decided by one person — and we will be deprived of the right to vote?

Or, nevertheless, we will choose the second option: we will build a new country ourselves.

One of the important instruments of such construction is the Basic Law — the Constitution. That is why it is so important to take part in its development. We must determine whether we want to have a dictatorship in New Belarus? Or do we want to build a parliamentary or parliamentary-presidential republic? Where there will be parties, where citizens will influence the formation of parliament and government. When the turnover of power is ensured, the real separation of powers. When the future will depend on our voice.

Are our hearts demanding change? Which ones? We must make efforts and fix our demands in the Constitution. There are elections ahead again. After all, a referendum is an election.

And the "People's Constitution" is our candidate. Together we abolish the dictatorship!

What can each of us do?

1) Join the United Democratic Forces' People’s Constitution campaign on

2) Participate in article-by-article discussions of the draft Constitution of New Belarus and offer your vision of changes on the

3) Register in our chatbots and send the regime demands to bring our draft Constitution to a referendum:

Watch the full version of the debate and the final appeal on Pavel Latushka’s YouTube channel.

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