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"The People's Constitution": all your suggestions and questions in one table

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The key principle of the "People's Constitution" is complete transparency. While the illegitimate authorities are preparing their version of the Basic Law virtually behind our backs, in this campaign all your suggestions and questions are not just taken into account — it happens publicly.

Each week, the drafters of the New Belarus Constitution from the Public Constitutional Commission (PCC) add all the feedback to the document on the platforms listed below in this table. The status of consideration of the proposal and the decision on it with justification by the PCC of its position are also marked there.

Please note:

  • in the table there are 12 tabs devoted to different sections of the draft Constitution of New Belarus;
  • The status "Under discussion" means that the PCC has not yet considered or decided on the feedback, "Not accepted" means a negative decision, "Accepted" means that the proposal will be taken into account, and "Clarification" means that the feedback does not contain a specific proposal. If your proposal is not accepted and you feel there is insufficient justification, you can appeal using this form.

The table will be updated on the following days:

  • August 3
  • August 10
  • August 17
  • August 27

You can leave your proposal or question about the draft of the Constitution of New Belarus:

A detailed algorithm for collecting and processing feedback from citizens as part of the People’s Constitution campaign can be studied at this link.

We should also remind you that by the end of the week, it will still be possible to send an appeal to the Constitutional Commission to ensure that the people’s draft of the Basic Law is submitted to a referendum. Just sign up for the chatbot in Telegram or Viber and follow the instructions.

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