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Political prisoners are not a subject of bargaining

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Next weeks will be very important for the struggle of Belarusians for their freedom. Europe and the United States have already adopted and are preparing new sanctions on an unprecedented scale against the dictatorial regime. And Monday showed that these are not just big words.

We see how representatives of the illegitimate government are afraid of these sanctions. They again force workers in state-owned enterprises to sign letters against them. Officials sometimes pretend that the sanctions will only strengthen the economy, but still hope that the EU and the US will "hit the brake valve and suspend actions." Obviously, the regime understands that the blow will be painful.

The dictator and his entourage will begin bargaining — they have already begun. But we must remember our demands, without which the regime will not stop. Half measures will not save the situation, and crimes will continue with renewed vigor if the dictator realizes that the pressure on him has eased.

Our common demands — of the Belarusian people and democratic forces — are the release of all people without exception who are accused of politically motivated cases, the initiation of criminal cases against real criminals and the holding of new fair elections without Lukashenka.

To stop the lawlessness, the dictator must leave.

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