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Why is it a bad idea to keep money on a card?

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Stop holding money on the card and switch to cash — this is the simplest thing anyone can do to resist the dictatorship

We continue the series of videos about the economic pressure on the regime and the protection of our savings. In previous videos, we discussed in detail the 2 terms of the #ATMExchangeBank formula: "Exchanger" and "Bank".

Today we will talk about the "ATM" and fix our strategy of economic protest.

— Why is it the healthiest financial habit in a dictatorship to take a salary on the day of receipt and not keep money on a bank card?

— Vote with the ruble: another affordable way to protest against the "referendum" and Lukashenka’s crimes.

— Our general strategy of economic protest: 1) we do not change the currency, but buy and save; 2) we withdraw deposits and do not open new ones; 3) we constantly cash out accounts and make payments only in rubles.

❌❌ Refusal to support the Lukashenka regime is another cross that we will put together on the dictatorship!

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