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It is up to the German public prosecutor's office

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"It's up to the German prosecutor’s office from now on". Mikhail Kirilyuk gave details about the case against Lukashenka in Germany

  • On the German side, it is clear that in view of the peculiarities of the Belarusian system of state administration, such actions are not possible without the knowledge and consent of the president. This is how the subordination system is organised: the president has concentrated control of the law enforcement block, he is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, and the Minister of Internal Affairs is subordinated to him. It is all stipulated in the Belarusian laws.

  • It is up to the German prosecutor’s office to decide what investigative steps should be taken in this case in relation to each individual person, if it considers that there are sufficient grounds to prosecute in Germany.

  • The lawyers working on the case have a background in such cases. For example, one of them worked on trials against an accountant and a guard from Auschwitz. And also against a former guard at the Stutthof [concentration] camp and a terrorist who carried out an attack in a synagogue in Halle. As we can see, neither the holding of a position in the special services, nor the citizenship of another country of the suspects, nor the fact that the victims were citizens of another country were an obstacle to the German authorities bringing the case to a conclusion.

Mikhail Kirilyuk, in charge of justice issues at the NAM, told TUT. BY

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