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“It's time to make political decisions. It’s time to bear responsibility for them. And it's time to act!"

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Pavel Latushka invited the democratic forces to determine the strategic directions of pressure to advance the collapse of the regime

We are convinced that in order to overcome the crisis in these conditions, there is an urgent need to develop a unified strategy for the short and medium term — in the internal and external directions.

NAM program proposals:

1) Brief analysis of the current situation;

2) External strategic objectives:
  • non-recognition of Lukashenka and his government,
  • recognition of the Lukashenka regime as terrorist,
  • increasing sanctions pressure;

3) Countering Russian attempts to incorporate Belarus, i.e. loss of sovereignty and independence of our country;

4) Internal strategic objectives:
  • organizing and carrying out the strike,
  • implementation of the Peramoga mobilization plan, organization of the partisan and underground movement, information work;

5) NAM proposals on specific actions for addressing external and internal challenges.

Among the key proposed solutions, we especially highlight:

  • The need to create the Belarusian Democratic Platform for the broadest possible communication and coordination of actions on an active agenda;

  • The need to convene the Congress of Belarusians to make a decision to create alternative institutions of state governance.

We also offer a number of other specific initiatives and actions to address the identified strategic objectives and to implement the three popular demands.

You can find the full content of the NAM program proposals both in the attached video and in the published program document.

It’s time to act. Long live Belarus!

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