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The NAM announces legal conference in Nuremberg

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On crimes against humanity and recognition of Aleksandr Lukashenka as a terrorist

It is an ordinary thing to give gifts on a birthday. We are convinced that the best gift for the Belarusian dictator is justice.

To speed up the work on recognizing citizen Lukashenko as a terrorist and bringing to justice those responsible for torture within the framework of universal jurisdiction, the NAM is organizing a legal conference in Nuremberg, Germany, a city that knows very well what an international criminal tribunal is.

 — Back in 2020, the OSCE Rapporteur concluded that there were grounds for creating an international tribunal for Lukashenka’s crimes against humanity. But only we, Belarusians, can achieve it, — said Mikhail Kirilyuk, responsible for justice at the NAM.

The conference will be attended by lawyers, politicians, human rights activists and representatives of the democratic forces of Belarus. The event will consist of two parts: a discussion of lawyers with international experience and a press conference. Together we will approve a plan of action that will bring justice to the terrorist and his accomplices closer.

We will publish all the details about the legal conference in Nuremberg later.

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